80 years

Last weekend I went to a party. It wasn’t just a party for my friend or my family member it was for both. It was my pop’s birthday, he turned 80. Every birthday for anyone I always think that is one more year added to the years they have been on this earth, imagine spending your 80th year ever on the world. I saw people who I haven’t seen for years and even people I have never seen it was a very big day. There were about 80 people there, it was hosted at the bowls club in Highton and the cake… well that was huge it was the size of about 5 of my heads and probably weighed the same amount as me. It was a fantastic day and a great way to spend your 80th birthday.


On Sunday I had my Confirmation. My great Aunty Marg came over from Tasmania to be my sponsor which I was very happy about. The weather had been perfect all day until I had my confirmation then it started to rain. The Bishop who confirmed us was Bishop Vincent. Once we were done and left, I didn’t do anything special. Afterwards we had Indian food for dinner but I had to get changed because Indian food is always is a big mess. I was right.  I had sauce on my jumper when I was done. Of course I didn’t mean to though.

SHC Test

As you know a while ago I got accepted into Sacred Heart College. Before you attend the school you must do a test. They reminded us not to get worried about it as we were already in, they just had to figure out which classes to put us in. When I got to SHC I saw just how many girls I would be going to school with next year and that was only year sevens. The test wasn’t hard. There were a couple of questions I didn’t understand but I guess that’s what they will teach me. The test included maths questions, general knowledge questions and more subjects. After that we had a spelling test  – words like hot, the, she, he –  simple words like that,but at the end it was words like seismograph.

Just so you know it wasn’t that hard.


The past couple of weeks at GSODA we have been auditioning for roles of the 2012 GSODA workshop play called “Dream a little Dream with me”. I auditioned for the role of Chelsea who is the main character of scene two. Two other girls auditioned for the role of Chelsea, both older than me, both amazing singers, actors and dancers. One started this year, I started last year and one girl started 2 or 3 years before me.

On Saturday we were given our roles. We sat on the floor with the teachers up the front of the room and they started reading out what roles we got. Chelsea was second on the list so I would soon find out who got the role I wanted. Thomas our GSODA workshop director said, “The role of Chelsea will be played by Georgia”. I had to stop myself from bursting out and jumping around.

Just to sum it up for you I GOT THE PART I WANTED!!!!!!!!!

Dream a little dream with me

Yesterday was our first day back at GSODA from the holidays. When we got there we started doing our auditions and in a couple of weeks we will find out who got what parts in our scripts.

For our auditions we had to do a dance, monologue and a song. We have not done the dance yet, but when we do we are dancing to ‘Freak Flag’ from Shrek which we learnt at the start of the year. Our monologues were written by us for the character we wanted to be, so I wrote mine for a girl name Chelsea. It had to be over one minute and include a dream that our character would have.

For our songs we sang ‘Lullaby of Broadway’ which we also learnt earlier in the year or a song of choice but it had to be from a musical. As you can tell from the title the name of the script is ‘Dream A Little Dream With Me’ and each scene is a different dream for different character. To be honest I don’t really want to be Chelsea, I just wanted to write a monologue. But fingers crossed I get a good part.

Singing Concert

Last night I had my Singing concert. I sang ‘The Climb’ by Miley Cyrus. They supplied drinks and finger food. I was eighth to sing on the list but a couple of people weren’t there so I ended up sixth. At the end, like every year, they gave out awards to everyone which was nothing fancy like a trophy or anything. When I got up there I wasn’t as nervous as I have been.

Singing and Scripts


On Tuesday I am going to be singing at a concert at the Empire Grill. But before I do that I have to go for a rehearsal so they know what volume my microphone should be where I should stand and all of the other stuff they do before concerts. So tonight I have a rehearsal at the Empire Grill.


On Saturday we got our scripts at GSODA for the end of year concert the script is called “Dream A Little Dream With Me”. I am hoping  to get the part of  Chelsea. The script is about dreams and each scene is a different dream, Chelsea is the main character of scene Two. For our auditions we have to Sing Lullaby of Broadway which is the opening song to the play, or sing a song of choice as long as it’s from a musical, we also have to dance the course of Freak Flag which we learned earlier in the year and will be our closing number and we have to have a monologue that we wrote ourselves but it has to be for the character we want to be.


Yesterday I got a text from my friend saying “I’ve been accepted into SHC did you?” I sent back “I don’t know yet, I am at my dad’s and it will be addressed to my mum.” So I called my mum. Luckily she was still at work. I said “When you get home, if there is a letter from Sacred Heart don’t open it because I want to open it.” Mum said, “Aaww but I wanted to open it, but fair enough”. Later that night my mum showed up at my dad’s house with the Sacred Heart letter and we opened it together and guess what….. I got accepted! So now in exactly one year I will be ready to finish my first second term at SHC as a year 7. In fact I have never been so excited about school in my life.

My four best friends will be going to SHC with me Lia, Mia, Kiera and Lauren.


On Friday night I had my two friends over, Lia and Kiera, and we had a sleepover. Of course being a sleepover we ate lots of junk, stayed up late watching movies and slept. We didn’t do much but when Saturday came Lia left at 11:00 for gymnastics and Kiera stayed until 1:45 because we go to GSODA together. Usually Kiera’s mum would take us to GSODA and my mum would take us both home, but because we were already at my house my mum dropped us off and picked us up.

It was fun!


Today I went to DFO for the first time. In case you were wondering, DFO is Direct Factory Outlet. There are two Direct Factory Outlets in Melbourne, but I went to the one you see when you come off the bridge that is part of the West Gate freeway. I went with my mum and nan. We went to all the shops and I bought a pair of boots from Rivers and clear shiny lip gloss and some Britney Spears perfume. Then I came home and packed for my dad’s and now I am posting a blog.